Cosmetic Dentistry in Coburg

At Applebite Dental Clinic, we aim to help people restore the beauty of their teeth and smile. Our expertise in cosmetic dentistry services helps us not only restore but also prevent severe dental problems from increasing and affecting your oral health more gravely. We suggest the best treatment including cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening, veneers for teeth, crown dental procedures, cosmetic dentures, as per your dental condition and make sure that you do not feel twice before flashing a perfect smile.

Dental crown is ideal option for badly broken down tooth, tooth with extensive filling specially after rooth canal therapy to increase strenth of the tooth. Crown is choice of treament for the tooth with crack.

Dental veneers
Veneers are good option for makeover of your smile. Veneers are made of thin layer of porcelain that hide the discoloured or defective tooth strucure, chipped and warn dentition and gap on the teeth.

The replacement of missing teeth has taken on a new level. No longer do patients need to wear uncomfortable and embarrassing denture work. In a few carefully planned appointments a titanium screw placed into the jaw bone and finished with an implant-crown can close a gap in your smile forever.

Are an efficient and effective way to replace one or several missing teeth. A bridge restores your smile appearance and prevents adjacent and opposing teeth from moving out of their correct alignment. A bridge is secured by crowns attached to teeth on either side of the space.

In-chair and at home whitening treatment
The Zoom in-chair whitening system can be completed in one of our office taking around 1 hours. If you prefer to relax at home you can brighten your smile with Oplacance, at times to suit your lifestyle using an at home whitening kit. All whitening options offered at Applebite Dental are a safe and effective way to dramatically transform your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry in coburg

What are cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry that focuses on making your smiles- perfect. While we all have a beautiful smile, various reasons affect our dental health- making our teeth yellow, chipped, stained- and rip us from smiling in front of others. Do not let a dental condition make you feel awkward in social arrangements with the best cosmetic dentistry in Coburg. Right from treating discolored teeth because of smoking to fixing a chipped tooth from a fall, our cosmetic dentistry experts are readily available to help patients in Coburg with a range of cosmetic dental treatments.