Root Canal Treatment in Coburg

Toothaches are debilitating and living with them is the worst nightmare. While there are several reasons, you may have developed an aching tooth, the most common and trusted treatment for it is Root canal treatment in Coburg. The root canal treatment, also revered as the RCT procedure, is aimed to treat an infected tooth, which, in most of the cases, creates extreme pain in the dental cavity. It is a complicated procedure that is performed by expert root canal treatment providers in Coburg.

Possible reasons you may need root canal treatment Coburg?

Our expert dental care professionals can prescribe you a root canal treatment for many reasons, including:

  • Severe infection within the tooth
  • Infection in the gum surrounding a tooth
  • A toothache induced by a large cavity or deep filling
  • Dental or tooth trauma
  • Restorative work
  • Nerve damage

In case you have extreme sensitivity in your tooth, a root canal can be prescribed as a possible treatment. However, the dentists at Applebite Dental, use root canal treatment as a last resort to treat a dental problem like this.

Root canal treatment in coburg

What are root canal treatment ?

Root canal treatment is focused on cleaning a tooth and the gum beneath by digging the cavity and sucking out all the infected pulp. The cavity, before being filled with sealing agents, is cleaned and shaped, to prevent any further contact with the infected bacteria. The procedure removes the active nerve of the tooth, which creates sensitivity at the root of the tooth, the tooth, however, remains intact and can be further treated by crowns or other cosmetic dentistry methods to keep your smile undamaged.

A child getting a root canal treatment in coburg

Dental emergency Coburg services we offer:

If you have a toothache, it’s possible you have a root canal infection. Root canal infections generally occur when bacteria infiltrate the interior of your tooth and contaminate the nerve. This is usually because the tooth is broken, decayed, or fractured, and allows access to the same bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease.

You may have a root canal infection if:

Chewing causes sharp pain
Putting pressure on the tooth causes instant discomfort
Swelling and discoloring occurs in gum tissues
Experiencing extreme sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures

Root canal therapy involves removing the dead and infected nerve and pulp, cleaning out the chamber, and adding a protective dental filling. We also recommend adding a porcelain crown to strengthen the treated tooth and ensure continued protection.